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very interesting analysis, quite stimulating thoughts

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Am listening.

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Love this analysis!

Really funny joke where you said you sympathized with Taliban Twitter addiction.

Pretty much all these themes, tensions, are reflected by the show Mayor of Kingstown, which is about gangs and police and their struggle to govern a decaying, destabilized city.

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Really interesting. I think this is a model I can accept for why (a) procedure can be flounted, Alex Jones fined a bazillion dollars, and J6 walking tour participants exiled to the shadow realm, but (b) the system simultaneously fails to crack down on lots of open dissident activity.

Perhaps this is just me indulging my personal preference for slactivism, but probably the right call is passive resistance. The system wants you to break the legible rules so it can destroy you. As seen by the parts of the internet that glow. So don't.

We haven't been losing as bad as the doomers insist. We lose every open battle — to the extent there is a "we", and not just an adhoc coalition — but the credibiity of the system is in shambles. Even boomercons seem to realize that the media is a propaganda organ now.

It's just difficult to see what types of passive resistance are effective, and which are just pathetic seething. "Imagine if a conservative did this!" on your gab account, etc.

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Quite a simple lesson in the end. Be instrumental.

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Hey bro here is the CNN Trump town hall, please tweet this:

Amazing how difficult it is to find! They are very embarrassed they got BTFO

Begins around 16 minutes in


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