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Thank you for talking about this. I have noticed this for many many decades. Some of this is by design. I believe that the women's movement really launched this decline in births in the US. I lived through that and was always skeptical of the motive behind it. Now I know it was orchestrated by Bernays to create more low wage workers, and to fracture the family and sell more manly products to women, to increase profits. And abortion was also part of this movement. There is a eugenics plan. Please talk about that. It is real. China is in big trouble. I read somewhere recently (cannot find that info now) that last month there were no births? That is a huge topic. China's 1-child policy is a major part of the issue they are confronted with now. I have a ton of thoughts on this. I live in Austin. But the cost of attendance is prohibitive, and I am too shy and reclusive.

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