Natal Conference 2023


By the end of this century, every country on earth will have a shrinking population.

Secular economic decline will upend the structure of the Western financial system, wiping out trillions of dollars in investment and locking up capital markets. The cost to maintain basic infrastructure in dwindling cities will increase geometrically, falling on a smaller and smaller tax base.

Old-age entitlements, which already constitute almost half of all federal spending in the US, will compound on a shrinking population of young workers, as waves of childless adults pass into retirement.

The collapse in global fertility is often ascribed to greater freedom and opportunity, but a stable 95% of American adults report wanting to have children. Millennials are currently aging out of their childbearing years with only 55% having even one child.

Looking beyond the economic consequences: when nearly half the population is unable to achieve a fundamental, near-universal human goal, something has gone very wrong.

This December, the Natal Conference will bring the brightest minds in the world to Austin, Texas in search of solutions.

On December 1st, we will host a symposium exploring the causes and consequences of this problem: economic, sociological, cultural, environmental, physiological. The schedule includes individual talks, group panels, and a reception dinner with open bar.

This session will be attended by both standard and VIP ticket-holders, and live-streamed to a remote audience.

On December 2nd, we will facilitate a closed-door, private workshop. Experts and VIP ticket-holders will meet in groups to share insights and develop real solutions. This will be much more than a simple networking opportunity: attendees will leave this conference with viable prototypes and a plan to execute.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, as well as an open bar reception in the evening.

Natal Conference has no political or ideological goal other than a world in which our children can have children.

If you are concerned about collapsing fertility, the economic challenges of having children, the increasing difficulty of dating for men and women — regardless of your politics — we want to hear from you.

Get your ticket at natalism.org

Both days of the conference will be hosted at The LINE in Austin, Texas.

After you purchase your ticket, you will receive instructions to purchase a room at our discounted rate.

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