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It is fascinating how much of these pathways continued on, even to today. Utah is very Puritan. It is why so many cringe at Trump, whose mother is Scot and whose most loyal followers, called by Hillary "Deplorables", a title they embraced. Trump also was socialized into the values of the middle colonies, being from New York.

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Looking forward to listening to this! Interesting timing for me, as the history and influences of the 4 main groups of Albion’s seed have been at the forefront of my thoughts and the topic of discussions with my wife over the last month. I descend from Mayflower pilgrims, and am a mixture of mostly puritans & borderers but my surname comes from a line of early welsh quakers. Can’t wait to listen.

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Great talk. I’m also an Albion seed head.

Been thinking about it for a while.


I’d be down to chat about it if you want to come on our show.

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